Cyber Law deals with legal aspects of the Web, Computing and mobile apps.

GKDM advises in all aspects of Cyber Law and mobile apps development. The firm’s legal service combines fields of law which are relevant to these activities, such as Consumer Protection Law, the cancellation of online transactions, Copyrights, Privacy Protection, etc. In addition, GKDM represents its clients in court in complex Cyber Law and mobile content disputes.

In the field of Cyber Law, GKDM provides the following professional advice:

  • Agreements with software companies, developers and designers;
  • Website bylaws and Terms of Use according to the unique characteristics of each website (portals, online second hand shops, online stores, stock market and financial websites, promotional websites, etc.);
  • Consultation regarding the application of Consumer Protection Law to online transactions;
  • Privacy on the Internet;
  • Copyrights and Trademarks on the Internet;
  • Handling Cyber Piracy, Cybersquatting and protection of domain names;
  • Defamation on the Internet; and more.

GKDM also advises entrepreneurs and developers of mobile applications, accompanies the development process and the legal aspects of uploading to App Store or to Google Play. These legal services include:

  • Source code the GUI development agreement with software developers;
  • Handling Copyrights, Trademarks and Privacy Protection aspects of the app;
  • Legal consul in all that relates to use of content which belongs to others;
  • End User License Agreement (EULA);
  • App sale agreement; and more.

The firm’s strength is in its unique ability to advise its clients not only from a legal perspective but from a technological standpoint as well. GKDM derives this skill from its founder’s background in Israel’s SIGINT National Unit, Unit 8200 (the equivalent to the USA NSA and the UK GCHQ). In his military service, Mr. Guy Kedem has obtained first-hand experience in advanced, top-notch and elite technological systems.

This unique experience bolsters GKDM’s ability to counsel its clients when technology and sophisticated industrial procedures are the subject of commercial litigation and other disputes.

What are the legal challenges of the Information Age?

Technological progress places more than a few challenges for the courts when they attempt to apply existing laws on modern disputes. Many of these laws were legislated in a time in which computers were a rare sight, the Internet had not yet been invented and telephones were land lines.

Thus for instance – is a Web user or someone who installs an application on his mobile phone automatically considered to have agreed to the Terms of Use, the bylaws or the End User License Agreement? Was a contract entered into between the user and the website owner or the app developer?

And if a contract is entered into – is it fully or partially binding, considering the fact that the user did not necessarily read the bylaws or the license? Does the Consumer Protection Law apply to online or mobile app purchases, and if so to what extent?

Is it possible to return products purchased online? If yes – all of them? Within how much time? Is it possible to charge the consumer cancellation fees in an online purchase?

Who is the owner of rights in a mobile app source code developed by a software company – is it the person who hired and paid the company to do the work or is it the software developer? What risks does the app developer may encounter vis a vis end users? What is there important to know when selling the mobile app?

Is Google responsible for copyright infringement or trademark infringement when it presents pictures, photographs or others’ products on its search engine? Is Google responsible for defamation against person when its search engine presents links to websites which harm that same person’s good reputation?

What happens when one uploads to Instagram a photo of a person that was taken in the streets – has he infringed on that person’s privacy? And what about sharing on Facebook – does such a share infringe on copyright?

Does sharing an injurious post constitute defamation? Does Facebook bear responsibility for a post as if it was a newspaper which bears liability for libel?

GKDM is at your service in order to provide answers to these questions and many other complex questions in the field of Cyber Law, Computer Law and mobile apps.

If you have any questions regarding Cyber Law and Mobile Apps, please contact us.

The above is an overview and does not constitute a legal advice. Professional legal advice requires individual examination of the specific circumstances.

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