GKDM’s clientele enjoy a comprehensive legal advice relating to their daily business and commercial activities. The firm also litigates for its clients in courts and in arbitration proceedings when necessary. The clients receive professional and personal legal advice from the business or venture establishment stage, through regular operations and until IPO.

GKDM’s legal services include:

  • Company or partnership registration;
  • Founders’ agreements;
  • Shareholders’ agreements  (including arrangements for right of first refusal, bring along or tag along to sale of shares, BMBY, transfers to permitted transferees, buyouts, etc.);
  • Business collaborations and joint ventures;
  • Complex and international contractual transactions;
  • Employee recruitment and drafting of employment agreements;
  • Confidentiality and non-compete arrangements;
  • Counsel on IP strategies and protection (Copyrights, Trademarks, Design Patents, Utility Patents);
  • Franchise, agency, distribution and licensing agreements;
  • Internet website bylaws and terms of use;
  • Investment agreements and representation of investors;
  • Share purchase agreements (SPA); and more.

GKDM has significant experience in arbitration proceedings and litigation in courts of all venues including the Supreme Court as well as in Labor Courts (regional and national).

GKDM also has proven experience and expertise in all that relates to agency agreements, franchising, licensing and distribution. GKDM advises on a regular basis to many Israeli representatives and franchisees of leading international corporations from the Hi-Tech, cellular, electronics, foods and consumables sectors.

An additional special expertise possessed by GKDM is in all that relates to integration between the legal world and the business and technology worlds including transactions for the sale of elite technology as well as representation in court in cases dealing with electronic and mechanical systems.

During his military service GKDM’s founder, Advocate Guy Kedem, served in the Israeli equivalent of the US NSA and the UK GCHQ. There he has obtained first-hand experience in advanced and elite technological systems. This unique experience bolsters GKDM’s ability to advise its clients on Cyber Law and Technology Law, especially when complicated technological projects and litigation are concerned.

Advocate Guy Kedem also has proven experience in representing business entities in front of government offices and regulatory authorities, including the Capital Markets Commissioner in the Ministry of Finance, the Second Television and Radio Authority, the Israel Antitrust Authority, the Israel Securities Authority, and more.

If you have any questions regarding Commercial and Bushiness Law, please contact us.

The above is an overview and does not constitute a legal advice. Professional legal advice requires individual examination of the specific circumstances.

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